HOSE - Hochiminh Stock Exchange 911.9 -29.1 (-3.10%)
Open - Volume 0 shares 43
High Value 0.00 bil VND 429
Low Net For. Buy 0.0 bil VND 51
HNX - Hanoi Stock Exchange 183.45 -6.4 (-3.35%)
Open - Volume 0 shares 36
High Value 0.00 bil VND 170
Low Net For. Buy 0.0 bil VND 24

Market commentary - 03/08/2020
The market gained again as selling pressure weakened. However, the buying wasn’t too positive as the liquidity dropped strongly today. However, the cash flow might be excited at the end of the week which is also the final session of July when ETF VFMVN30 restructures the portfolio in new VN30 indicator.

At the end, VN-Index gained over 10 points and closed at 801.13 points (+1.30%). The liquidity was still on dropping trend. Matched volume was 163.2 million shares (-47.5%) for 2,532 billion (-44.4%). 

In technical term, VN-Index gained again. The volume dropped to below 10 and 20 session average, showing ...
Date Description
04-Jun KDH-AGM
04-Jun NVL-AGM
04-Jun Equity Flash--20210604
03-Jun Equity Flash--20210603
01-Jun Equity Flash--20210601

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