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Technical solutions for improving cement plants’ performance Back

Technical solutions for improving cement plants’ performance

The output of the Vietnamese cement industry ranks eighth over the world and according to the country's master plan, it may be fifth by 2020. The lessons from the seminar hold many of the keys to actualise this target.


The two input factors making up the largest costs in cement production, coal and power, are on upward trends, while domestic demand has slowed down which significantly impacts the sales plans of manufacturing units. Additionally, labour productivity is still much lower than in other countries in the region, and tightened environmental control has put additional pressure on the cement industry.

Technical solutions forimproving cement plants’ performance is the theme of the seminar held by DK Marketing Limited and Solari Group in Hanoi. Experts of Sweden’s Hoganas Group, a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of smart refractory solutions, and LNVT Company under Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd., aworld famous for solutions to improve and increase the capacity of the mills and equipment for cement plants, attended the seminar.

Representatives of state agencies, such as the Enterprise Reform Department of the Government Office, the Building Materials Department of the Ministry of Construction, the Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and over 30 cement producers in Vietnam, attended the event.

PerericHoberg, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, in his opening speech highly appreciated the co-operation between Vietnam and Sweden, particularly in the private enterprise arena.

During the last 50 years, Sweden faced many challenges in the process of economic restructuring and initiating innovations for its heavy industry. Thus, thecountry is ready to share lessons learnt with Vietnam in applying the latest technologies to improve the cement sector’s performance.

Decision No.1488/QD-TTg dated August 29, 2011 ratifying Vietnam’s cement industry development plan in the period of 2011-2020 with vision to 2030 focuses on improving and maximising capacity. The cement industry is facing with several issues of high power consumption, and it is necessary to invest and upgrade available production lines.

Ake Eriksson, managing director at HoganasBjuf Asia-Pacific Sdn., Bhd., introduced his company’s refractory products and installation design options. The solutions of HoganasBjuf have contributed to raising profit of cement plants across 70 countries worldwide.

At the seminar, Hans Joergen Nielsen, director of LNVT Company, talked about solutions to upgrade vertical mills and separation systems, which their modifications were successfully made to raise the capacity of nearly 800 systems by 10-15 per cent in 60 countries. The coal mill capacity of Chinfon Cement Plant in Haiphong has been improved from 21.4 to 27 tonnes per hour.

Nguyen Quang Cung, chairman of the Vietnam National Cement Association (VNCA), said that the theme of the seminar befits the current times, and solutions put forward by the experts are very practical and novel. He also highly appreciated the study of real conditions and the application of modern technical solutions to improve performance.

The representatives of over 30 Vietnamese cement plants paid attention to solutions put forward. Many questions were raised and received reasonable answers. They also shared their own experiences to allow other plants to learn.

In order to reduce production costs, improve the quality of output, and protect the environment, the application of technical solutions on kilns and mills is the most basic path that most plants has already been taken by most of the plants. These solutions also contribute to the green and sustainable development of the cement industry.


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