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Engaging with a difference, in a job position that comes with a competitive salary along with great benefits, waiting for you to discover.

Vacancies are hiring

Wing up your dream jobs with Phu Hung Securities. We can make your future better.


Recruitment process

To become a talent at PHS, here are 3 steps that you will go through. Prepare your application well and start applying now.

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Step 1: Screening profiles

Please fill out the application form on the PHS website with your curriculum vitae, diplomas, transcripts or certificates that you’re holding.

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Step 2: Interview

Meeting our job requirement will get you a ticket to join a scheduled interview, contacted right after the application has been screened.

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Step 3: Get the job

After receiving the offer letter and confirming the on-board date, you will officially become a member of Phu Hung Securities.

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Working environment at PHS

  • Anniversary event
  • Sports activities
  • Seminar
  • Training
  • Workspace
  • Volunteer program

Your working efforts are not only recognized by salary and bonus but also through the company's honor and gratitude events. Company events are held to bond staff together and record staff contributions.

Besides work, we also care about employees' health and always encourage employees to participate in various physical activities such as running, football, badminton, etc.

Work with a trusted foreign partner to maximize your success and optimize your development costs

PHS contains training courses for employees from professional groups such as brokerage, customer service, proprietary, risk management, etc.

The modern working space at our head office and branches of Phu Hung Securities is something that you can rest assured of comfortably when joining us.

Work with a trusted foreign partner to maximize your success and optimize your own development costs.

Events in Phu Hung

Summary of outstanding news at Phu Hung Securities

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Head office: 21st Floor, Phu My Hung Tower, 08 Hoang Van Thai, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC
1900 25 23 58 
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