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The stock market is asserting its position as a potential investment direction for investors, partly because other types of investment such as: bank deposits, real estate, ... are not attractive enough, low profitability, risky, etc. To understand more about stocks and the notes to know before investing in this market, please refer to the following article with PHS!

What are stocks?

Shares are securities, issued in the form of certificates, or book entries, confirming the legitimate rights and interests of investors when participating in business activities of enterprises.

The stock holder becomes the shareholder and at the same time the owner of the issuing company.

Stock classification

Normally, joint stock companies usually issue two types of shares:

  • Common stock:

Shareholders owning common stock are entitled to:

  • Freedom of assignment.
  • The right to vote on the company's decisions at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • To be entitled to dividends according to business results and the value of shares held.
  • Preferred shares:

Shareholders holding preferred shares have limited rights and responsibilities such as:

  • Stable income
  • No right to vote or stand for election
  • Received the first dividend. When the company goes bankrupt, they are also the ones who are paid by the company first and then the common shareholders.

Cổ PhiếuHow to invest in stocks?

Step 1: You need to open a trading account at a Securities Company to start investing

You only need 5 minutes to register and successfully create a trading account through the following ways:

  • Website: https://bit.ly/motaikhoan_Web
  • For IOS: https://apple.co/3JchdjD
  • For Android: https://bit.ly/PHS_GGPlay

Step 2: Transfer money to securities account

Conveniently transfer money from banks to PHS securities account with Identity Transfer service 963022. 

Step 3: Trade and place orders

You can contact a registered account manager or contact PHS's Customer Care Hotline for order support or other information.

Investing in stocks will bring attractive opportunities for those who know how to seize opportunities and be sensitive to the market. What stocks are, classifying stocks and how to invest in stocks all provide a basic knowledge base for investors. PHS hopes the above notes will partly help you understand more about stocks as well as participate in stock investment most effectively.