Customers can choose one of two options to open securities trading account at Phu Hung Securities Corporation (PHS), specifically as follows:

Option 1: Opening eKYC online account.

Customers access the "Open account" section at the "PHS - Mobile Trading" application on Mobile phone or at PHS's Website and do the following order:

  • Step 1: Declare basic information
  • Step 2: Take/upload ID card
  • Step 3: Face verification
  • Step 4: Add personal information
  • Step 5: Register for utility services
  • Step 6: Upload signature
  • Step 7: Sign contract
  • Step 8: Finish the opening account

 For more details "Instructions to open securities account using EKYC application ", please refer Here

Option 2: Opening account at Branch/ Trading Office

Customers contact the Account Desk at PHS Branches/ Trading Office.

-  For Domestic Individual Customers (from 16 years old or older): bring the original ID card (ID card) / Citizen ID card (CCCD), still valid.

Form: Contract of account opening for Institution

-  For Domestic Institutional Customers: bring the following documents:

  • Certificate for Business Registration/ Establishing License/Incorporation certification: 01 notarized copy.
  • ID/Passport of the Legal Representative or Attorney: 01 copy.
  • Appointment decisions of Director, Chief Accountant: 01 copy for each position (if any).
  • Charter of Company (if any).
  • Documents related to authorization (if any).

Form: Contract of account opening for Institutionals

List of Branches, Trading Offices