1. Margin trading service:

  • Customer sign contract to open margin sub-account
  • Interest rate: as the margin interest rate schedule published on PHS website: https://www.phs.vn/en/products/fee-schedule-7
  • Loan term: 90 days (calendar day)
  • Maximum loan term: 180 days
  • Renew interest: free of charge
  • Late payment interest penalty: 150% interest in term
  • Margin interest is calculated everyday and it is based on outstanding at the end of day multiplied with daily margin interest rate. Daily margin interest will be round with decimal number (if any).
  • List of securities margin trading: more than 200 stocks code

(Customers please refer to the margin trading regulations in the PHS’s website)

2. Trading method:

When a customer opens an account, the customer will have a normal sub account and margin sub account. 02 sub accounts are independent and clear.

When customers want to buy marginable stock, customers use margin sub accounts.

Customer make transactions BUY or SELL stocks in the margin sub account as the same as the normal sub account through following ways:

  • Trading at floor: Customers write buying/selling orders of margin stocks in margin order slip on margin sub account and must distinguish with buy/sell/cancel/edit order in normal stock orders slip (as the request form).
  • Trading by Call Center: Customers put buying/selling margin stock via the phone number 1900 25 23 58 (Customer select margin sub account to place order).
  • Online trading: Customers log in the trading account at website www.phs.vn => Select Online Trading => Select PHS-HOME TRADING, PHS-WEB TRADING or PHS-MOBILE TRADING, login username and password issued by PHS when register for using PHS online trading.


1. Place order screen

1.1 Place Order Screen

  • Customers choose to buy/sell orders at option “BID/SELL”, then enter the stock code to buy/sell in the CODE. On the right side, there is ACCOUNT INFORMATION that will display maximum buying power and maximum buying stock quantity which customers can buy. At the “ORDER” select order type LO/ATO/ATC/MP depending on the trading session and input quantity and price, click BID/SELL.
  • After click on BID/SELL the APPROVE ORDER will appear, customer check again order information (date of placing order, sub account number, customer name, Buy/Sell, stock code, order type, quantity, price, total expect value, estimate fee, etc.) and input trading password and click on CONFIRM.

2.2 Approve Order

  • In order to check the placed order customer move tab “DAILY ORDER BOOK” to see order situation (pending, sent, matched, cancel/edit price).
  • To cancel/edit an order, customers click on “ACTIVE ORDER” to view order status and also can cancel or edit order if order does not match yet, or partially match.

2. Available stock screen:

3. Avai Stock Screen

This screen will display information on existing stocks of customers which are available to buy/sell. Marginable stock is in the margin list and can be calculated as a mortgage asset.

3. Balance screen

4. Balance Screen

In this screen, customer can check:

  • Balance at the PHS’ trading account
  • Bank balance on private account at the Bank

4. Margin outstanding screen

5. Margin Outsanding

In this screen customer can check:

  • Look up margin outstanding, loan term, interest, the remaining interest, total interest…
  • Look up payment outstanding, settle the remaining outstanding.

5. Margin Outstanding status

6. Margin Outstanding Status

This screen will display margin outstandings that are in or not in margin call status, the amount which needs to deposit in order to meet the safe margin ratio, the amount which needs to sell, over amount, on the due amount, margin ratio.

Furthermore information of margin trading service, please contact us via:

  • Branches /Trading Offices at PHS: for reference by click the link http://www.phs.vn
  • Account management officer of customer
  • Customer service center: 1900 25 23 58
  • Online support PHS Email:support@phs.vn